Your logo is the face of your company. It's usually the first thing people see of your business, and it sets the tone for what you represent. Your logo needs to stand out by being bold, unique and something that your target customer wants to align themselves with. And you need to be proud to stand behind it. 
Your logo is your brand. All your other marketing material adds to your brand. This can include; business cards, stationery, signage, packaging, advertising, vehicles, point of sale and much more depending on your specific business. How much of your collateral you choose to get professionally designed is up to you, just remember, everytime a customer or potential customer sees anything related to your business, this either adds or detracts from your brand. 

So with that said, here is my process to creating a great logo: 
1. We can either meet up for a coffee, or simply by email, I will ask you a bunch of questions to get a complete idea of your business and the impression you want your logo to give. I will also ask you if you have any ideas in mind or other logos that you have seen that you like. This is not because I am lazy, it's so I can create the best possible logo for you, afterall you know your business best. 
2. With the information provided I will create three concepts for your new logo. 
3. You can then mull it over and ask friends and family (though don't let Aunty Mildred influence you too much, this is your business we're talking about). 
4. You tell me which one, or two, you like the best, and if you would like something changed, or developed. 
5. I will then develop the logo with your feedback. If the result is obvious it can just be the one, but I may send you a few to choose from. 
6. You pick your favourite and I will supply you with your brand spanking new logo! You will get versions in colour and black & white, for high quality print, use in Microsoft office, and for web and screen use.  ​​​​​​​

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